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  1. Damaged or Defective Goods
    All deliveries are insured by Classic Bindings Ltd. against loss or damage in transit (excluding any non-trackable items). If there is serious damage to any book on arrival please record with a photograph so that proof can be provided as necessary.
  2. How do booksellers price antiquarian books?
    Most book prices are determined by an individual bookseller's understanding of the constantly changing rare and antiquarian book marketplace. Perceived desirability and scarcity, condition, the sales history of previous copies or comparable copies, and the amount the bookseller had to pay for the book are just some of the factors involved in pricing books.
  3. Where do booksellers get their books?
    Booksellers get their books from a variety of sources - there is no single source for rare and antiquarian books. Most booksellers who specialize in a particular subject are interested in buying books in their field from private individuals.
  4. How old does a book have to be for it to be an antiquarian book?
    Only in rare instances are books valuable only because they are old--a surprising number of one, two and three hundred year-old books have survived in large numbers and are not avidly collected. On the other hand, fine press or limited edition books which were published very recently can command considerable sums in the rare book market. "Antiquarian" is a very loose term for collectible books as opposed to used books.
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